About The Abbeam Institute of Technology

…New thinking!

Abbeam Institute of Technology is an international educational institution of higher learning established to raise God fearing and influential leaders who will become trailblazers in world advancement in their specialised areas of study.

At Abbeam, students are equipped with various skills that effectively prepare them to be competent in their field of expertise. This is done through the rigorous practical, theoretical, efficient and workplace competency training which is provided right here at Abbeam.

The Institute offers a range of tertiary academic programmes at various levels including certificates and diplomas as well as bachelors’ and masters’ degrees. We are proud to offer on-site study as well as distance-learning courses for international applicants / working professionals who feel compelled to broaden their educational scope.

Abbeam prides itself on its diverse student body which consists of students from across Africa and the world.  Prospective students of all nationalities, races, ethnic backgrounds and genders are encouraged to apply and join this welcoming and conducive study environment

Located in Kasoa (Ghana), the Abbeam campus boasts an ultra-modern facility as well as access to state of the art technology and is situated in a beautifully serene environment that is ideal for uninterrupted study. Our breathtaking infrastructure sets Abbeam apart from many other higher institutions in Ghana.

Abbeam is run by a well-established corporate body and is the only tertiary institution in Ghana affiliated to a number of reputable educational organisations in United Kingdom including: Sunderland University, Cambridge International College, Gatlin International and Stonebridge Associated Colleges. We are also registered with the National Accreditation Board of Ghana (NAB) as well as accredited by the world’s leading accreditation agency – International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

A Message from the Chancellor


On behalf of the academic board and all members of staff, it is my most esteemed pleasure to welcome you to the Abbeam Institute of Technology website. It is a great honour to know that you seek to acquire more information about our remarkable institute.

At Abbeam Institute of Technology, we strive for excellence in meeting the needs of all students who have chosen new thinking to achieve their desired goal in their chosen area of academic studies. Your choice of Abbeam Institute of Technology automatically guarantees you a unique learning experience. Among our competitors, we provide the best facilities in all our faculties, infrastructure, educational resources, learning environment, and state of the art technology, Most importantly, at the end of your study time at Abbeam you acquire a certificate that is recognized the world over because of our affiliation with some of the best academic institutions (Cambridge International College and Sunderland University) all in the United Kingdom.

The stage has been set, we are therefore thrilled to have you in Abbeam; excited to help advance your academic strength, embolden your personal development and enthuse your creativity. Our students’ are the keystone in advancing our statutes as an outstanding world-class institution.

We are excited to provide exceptional and comprehensive education to all our students and also train them to live by Godly principle and ethics. Be encouraged to make good use of all facilities and resources provided by the institution during your time here. As you do, remember; ‘do not pass through the university but most vital to let the university pass through you’.

Abbeam institute of technology’s aim for you is for the world to be your oyster as you leave at the end of your stay with us, knowing full well the best had been impacted into you in your chosen field. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela. And it is extra special if you achieved yours at Abbeam Institute of Technology

Dr. Abbeam Ampomah Danso


Abbeam Institute of Technology


Abbeam Institute of Technology is a privately owned educational institution founded in November 2010 and is located in the heart of Kasoa, Ghana. Named after its founder; Dr ‘Abbeam’ Ampomah Danso, the institute is situated on more than 50 acres of land.

Dr. Abbeam, is a Ghanaian philanthropist, entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor, an advisor to corporations, film writer and producer, gospel artist and producer, among many other things. He is a vessel and servant of Christ Jesus, whom by grace, was called into the prophetic, teaching, and pastoral office. He is the Assistant Pastor of God’s Solution Centre U.K. and Ghana (Christ being the General Overseer).

As an individual, Dr. Abbeam has a very keen eye to notice the needs of individuals, communities and nations. He has directly affected the lives of thousands of people in Europe, Africa and other parts of the globe.

In the United Kingdom (where he resides), Dr Abbeam Danso has affected, influenced and given hope to hundreds of youth; many of whom he picked from the streets and at the time were drug dealers, ex-prisoners, gang members and under-privileged youth. He has been doing this without the aid of the UK government or any charitable organisations.

Due to the extreme poverty he was born and grew up in, Dr. Abbeam was only afforded junior secondary school education in Ghana. His childhood and his experiences as he was growing up is a catalyst for his desire to create opportunities for the now and future youth. The idea to build a university was birth in one of his youth meeting discussions with the very vibrant youths of his ministry (which he is part and parcel of). The idea was and still is to equip youths in a way he was not able to, for the future journey set before them by God.

Abbeam Institute of Technology started with three departments: Mass Media and Communications Studies, Information Technology and Business Administration.

From inception, it has been operating as an outstanding world-class private tertiary institution in Ghana and continues to go forward in leaps and bounds.