Business School

Business School

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Business School

  • EBA – Human Resource Administrations (Honours Diploma available)
  • EBA – Financial Administration (Honours Diploma available)
  • EBA – Management and Administration (Honours Diploma available)
  • EBA – Hospitality Administration (Honours Diploma available)
  • EBA –Marketing Administration  (Honours Diploma available)
Duration: EBA 3years                   Honours Diploma - 2years

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Off Kasoa-Obom Road,
Abbeam Junction or Nurses Quarters

Phone : (+233) 0307037090 || (+233) 0261159643

The institution was established to raise God fearing leaders who are competent in what they were created to do through the rigorous practical, theoretical, efficient and workplace competency training which are provided right here at Abbeam, with a Modern facility, infrastructure, state of the art technology and a greener environment. This set us apart from other higher institutions in Ghana.